German-Americans and the Many Meanings of Freedom, 1840-1870

Mar 26, 1992

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Bruce C. Levine, University of Cincinnati | Spring Lecture Series 1992


Spring Lecture Series 1992

The Great Disorder: Hyperinflation, Culture, and Society in Germany, 1922-1923
February 06, 1992
Gerald D. Feldman (University of California at Berkeley)

German-Americans and the Many Meanings of Freedom, 1840-1870
March 26, 1992
Bruce C. Levine (University of Cincinnati)

Immigrant History by Those Who Made It: German-American Letters, 1830-1930
March 30, 1992
Wolfgang J. Helbich (University of Bochum); Walter D. Kamphoefner (Texas A&M University)

John Maynard Keynes, Carl Melchior, and the Sexual Politics of Reparations
May 06, 1992
Stephen A. Schuker (University of Virginia)

The Double Legacy of German and South-African Colonialism in Namibia
May 13, 1992
Susanne Riveles (Amnesty International USA)

The Culture of Precision in Nineteenth-Century Germany
May 21, 1992
Kathryn Olesko (Georgetown University)

Four Hundred Years of Imprisonment: What Should Historians Make of It?
June 06, 1992
Pieter Spierenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam)