Genoa/Rapallo and the Reconstruction of Europe

Jun 14, 1989 - Jun 17, 1989

Conference at the GHI | Conveners: Carole Fink, University of North Carolina at Wilmington; Axel Frohn, GHI; Jürgen Heideking, GHI

Participants: Magda Adam, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Frank Adler, Academy of Sciences, German Democratic Republic; Jacques Bariety, University of Paris IV, Sorbonne; Manfred Berg, University of Heidelberg; Antoine Fleury, University of Geneva; Alexander Fursenko, Institute of the History of the USSR, Leningrad; Anne Hogenhuis, European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht; Peter Krüger, University of Marburg; Sally Marks, Providence, R.I.; Giorgio Petracchi, University of Florence; Stephen A. Schuker, Brandeis University; Andrew Williams, University of Kent.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 5, Fall 1989, pp. 8-11]