Gender, Power, Religion: Forces in Cultural History

Mar 29, 2001 - Apr 01, 2001

Young Scholars Forum at the GHI | Convener: Vera Lind (GHI)

Participants: Katherine Aaslestad, University of West Virginia; Maria Baader, Columbia University; Andrew Bickford, Rutgers University; Páll Björnsson, University of Iceland; Eva Bremner, Princeton University; Julia Bruggemann, DePauw University; Katherine Carté, University of Wisconsin; Duane Corpis, Georgia State University; Jason Coy, University of California at Los Angeles; Katherine Crowther-Heyck, Swarthmore College; Todd Ettelson, University of Michigan; Emily Gray, University of Pennsylvania; Irene Guenther, University of Texas; Derek Hastings, University of Chicago; Erik Jensen, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Benjamin Marschke, University of California at Los Angeles; Julia Ross, Carnegie Mellon University; Anthony Steinhoff, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Ulrike Strasser, University of California at Irvine; Julie Stubbs, University of Michigan; Clayton Whisnant, University of Texas.

Mentors: Deborah Cohen, American University; Dagmar Herzog, Michigan State University; Hartmut Lehmann, Max Planck Institute for History; Jerry Z. Muller, Catholic University; Lyndal Roper, University of London; David Sabean, University of California at Los Angeles; Richard Wetzell, GHI.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 29, Fall 2001, pp. 85-92]