The History of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century as Shown in Six Groups of Graphs, Charts, and Maps

May 13, 2021

12th Gerald Feldman Lecture (Virtual) | 12:30pm ET | Speaker: Jonathan Sperber (University of Missouri); moderated by Kenneth Ledford (Case Western Reserve University)

The Gerald D. Feldman Memorial Lecture was established by the Friends of the German Historical Institute in 2010 to honor the legacy and achievements of Gerald D. Feldman (1937–2007). The lecture is generously supported by the many individual donations to the Friends of the German Historical Institute.

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The talk will describe six areas of fundamental developments on a global scale – in population, use of natural resources, the economy, society and gender, ideas and beliefs, and international relations – underlying the many events of the years 1950-2000. Sources for the graphics include UN agencies, the OECD and Google’s Ngrams.