Environmental History and the Cold War

Mar 22, 2007 - Mar 25, 2007

Conference at the GHI | Conveners: John McNeill (Georgetown University), Corinna Unger (GHI)

Greg Bankoff: A Curtain of Silence: The Fate of Asia’s Fauna in the Cold War

R. Samuel Deese: A Dialogue on the Destiny of Species: Julian and Aldous Huxley in the Cold War Era

Celia Donert: Between Industrialisation and Indifference: The Cold War in the Carpathians

Matthew Farish: Simulating Survival: Environmental Laboratories of the American Cold War

Eagle Glassheim: Judging a Modern Landscape: Communist, Dissident, and German Expellee Visions of Modernity in Cold War Czechoslovakia

Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu: The Cold War in East Asia and Ocean Resource Management, 1945-1960

Jacob Darwin Hamblin: A Global Contamination Zone: Early Cold War Policies on Environmental Warfare

Kristine Harper: Environmental Diplomacy in the Cold War: Weather Control, the United States, and India, 1966-1967

Ingo Heidbrink: Cod-Wars and Cold War: Armed Conflicts Between NATO Members on Maritime Environmental Issues, 1952-1976

Holly High: Crucial Junctures: Nature and the American War in Laos

Toshihiro Higuchi: “Green” and “Peace”: Nuclear Weapons Testing and the Confluence of the Nuclear Disarmament and Environmental Movements in Cold War America

Kai Hünemörder: Environmental Crisis and Soft Politics: The International Policy of Détente and the Global Environment, 1968-1975

Paul Josephson: Rivers as Enemies of the People: Nature, the USSR and the Cold War

Han-Rog Kang: The Korean Green Movement during the Cold War and post-Cold War eras

Erez Manela: Is Smallpox History? The Smallpox Eradication Program and Cold War Historiography

Bao Maohong: The Evolution of Environmental Problems and Environmental Policy in China: Interaction of Internalization and Externalization

Mark D. Merlin: Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Testing in Remote Oceania, 1946-1996

Scott Moranda: Mobilizing Germans for the Cold War: National Park Proposals along the Elbe River

Arvid Nelson: Cold War Landscapes: Archival Sources and Leading Indicators of Change in Postwar Germany

Joy Parr: Unsettled: Woods, Meadows and Memory of North Atlantic Alliances at Gagetown

Jenny Smith: The Sable Boom: The Effects of a Cold War Mentality in Transbaikal Siberia

Richard Tucker: American Strategic Interests and the Spread of High Dams in the Early Cold War, 1945-1960

Frank Uekötter: Peace with Nature and the World: Environmental and Anti-War Activism in the Two German States

David Zierler: Against Protocol: Ecocide, Détente, and the Question of Chemical Warfare in Vietnam, 1969-1975