Emigration and Settlement Patterns of German Communities in North America

Sep 28, 1989 - Oct 01, 1989

Conference at New Harmony, Indiana | Conveners: Antonius Holtmann, University of Oldenburg; Jörg Nagler, GHI; Ruth Reichmann, Indiana University

Participants: Jonathan G. Andelson, Grinnell College; Gerhard Bassler, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Carolyn S. Blackwell, Indiana University; Philip V. Bohlman, University of Chicago; Agnes Bretting, University of Hamburg; Donald F. Durnbaugh, Elizabethtown College; Aaron S. Fogleman, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; J.E.B. Galema, University of Groningen; Bettina Goldberg, Free University of Berlin; Wolfgang Grams, University of Oldenburg; Wolfgang J. Helbich, University of Bochum; George F. Jones, University of Maryland at College Park; Walter D. Kamphoefner, Texas A&M University; Lauren Ann Kattner, University of Texas; Hartmut Keil, University of Munich; Rob Kroes, Free University of Amsterdam; Günter Moltmann, University of Bremen; Heiko Muehr, Indiana German Heritage Society; Eberhard Reichmann, Indiana University; Horst Rössler, University of Bremen; Angela Sasse; Mary Kenneth Scheessele, Indiana German Heritage Society; John Schipp, Indiana German Heritage Society; Stefan von Senger und Etterlin, Free University of Berlin; Peter Winkel, Trenton State College.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 5, Fall 1989, pp. 12-13]