America, Ford, and the German Economy in the 1920s

Apr 09, 1991

Lecture at the GHI | Speaker: Mary Nolan, New York University | Spring Lecture Series 1991


Spring Lecture Series 1991

The Nazi Stammtisch: Sociable Tradition and Political Mobilization in the Weimar Era
February 07, 1991
Roger Chickering (University of Oregon)

Petitions, Politics, and the People: Revolution in Bavaria in 1849
February 19, 1991
James F. Harris (University of Maryland at College Park)

Hitler, the V-2, and the Battle for Priority:
Weapons Procurement and the German War Economy, 1939-1943
March 12, 1991
Michael J. Neufeld (National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.)

The U.S. and Germany's Integration into the West, 1947-1957
March 21, 1991
Klaus Schwabe (Technical University of Aachen)

America, Ford, and the German Economy in the 1920s
April 09, 1991
Mary Nolan (New York University)

Helmuth von Moltke and the Theory of Deterrence: The End of a Military Tradition?
April 16, 1991
Detlef Bald (Social Science Institute of the German Armed Forces Munich)