After Revolution and Democratization: Conceptualizing the 18th Brumaires and Regimes of the Two Bonapartes

Apr 09, 1999 - Apr 11, 1999

Conference at the Hunter College at City University of New York | Convener: Melvin Richter, Hunter College at City University of New York

Participants: Andrew Arato, New School of Social Research; Peter Baehr, St. John’s University, Newfoundland; David E. Barclay, Kalamazoo College; T.C.W. Blanning, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; Jean Cohen, Columbia University; Arthur Eckstein, University of Maryland; Benedetto Fontana, Baruch College, CUNY; Peter Gay, New York Public Library; Jack Hayward, University of Hull; David Kettler, Bard College; Jerzy Linderski, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; John McCormick, Yale University; James Moore, Concordia University; J.G.A. Pocock, Baltimore; Jerrold Seigel, New York University; Martyn Thompson, Tulane University; Charles Tilly, Columbia University; Cheryl Welch, Simmons College; Wolfgang Wipperman, Free University of Berlin; Isser Woloch, Columbia University; Wulf Wülfing, University of Bochum; Bernhard Yack, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Zwi Yavetz, University of Tel Aviv.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 25, Fall 1999, pp. 29-32]