A Framework for Democracy: Forty Years of Experience with the Grundgesetz of the Federal Republic of Germany

Apr 06, 1989 - Apr 09, 1989

Conference at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Conveners: Thomas Childers, University of Pennsylvania; Peter Krüger, University of Marburg

Participants: Wolfganz Benz, University of Munich; Volker R. Berghahn, Brown University; Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde, German Supreme Court, Karlsruhe; Wilfried Freiherr von Bredow, University of Marburg; Marc Cioc, University of Massachusetts; Lord Ralf Dahrendorf, St. Anthony's College, Oxford; James M. Diehl, Indiana University; Erich J.C. Hahn, University of Western Ontario; Jürgen Heideking, GHI; John Kaminski, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Jane Caplan, Bryn Mawr College; Ellen Kennedy, University of Pennsylvania; Donald Kommers, University of Notre Dame; David Clay Large, Montana State University; Charles S. Maier, Harvard University; Hans Maier, University of Munich; Robert G. Moeller, University of California at Irvine; Michaela Richter, University of Pennsylvania; Helmut Steinberger, University of Heidelberg; Michael Stolleis, University of Frankfurt; Gebhard Ziller, Federal Ministry of Research and Technology.

Conference Report

[Bulletin 5, Fall 1989, pp. 4-7]