Miriam Nicoli

Guest Scholar

German Historical Institute Washington
1607 New Hampshire Ave NW | Washington DC 20009


Biographical Summary

Miriam Nicoli has a doctor degree in history from the University of Lausanne (2011). She worked at the University of Lausanne and Rennes 2 (France). Since 2018, she is an Ambizione Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of Bern. Nicoli is an expert in cultural history of science (Les savants et les livres. Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777) et Samuel Auguste Tissot (1728-1798), Slatkine, 2013; co-ed. Wissenszirkulation in der Schweiz des 18. Jahrhunderts: Akteure und Praktiken, xviii.ch, vol. 7, 2016) and book history (co-ed. La Collection: essor et affirmation d’un nouvel objet éditorial entre Europe et Amériques (XVIIIe-XXIe siècles), PUR, 2014).

In her post-doc years, she has extended the focus of her research to gender history, family history and autobiographical writings. She worked for the Database of Swiss Personal Writings (1500-1820) (www.egodocuments.ch). Nicoli is also interested in female religious history and female convent life (Un’illusione di femminile semplicità. Gli Annali delle orsoline di Bellinzona (1730-1846) Viella, forthcoming).

Her current project aim is to study, through private archives and egodocuments, the life trajectories, the individual strategies and the agency of men and women (ca. 1680-1850) in an alpine and catholic context, strongly marked by geographical mobility and migration. Nicoli will join the GHI as Visiting Scholar between November 2020 and March 2022.

You can find further information and publications here and on academia.edu.


Main Areas of Interest

  • History of Women and Gender History (17th-19th Centuries)
  • History of the Family
  • First-Person Writings - Ego-documents
  • History of Nuns - Female Convent Life (16th-19th Centuries)
  • Book History - Literacy (18th-20th Centuries)
  • Cultural History of Science (18th-19th Centuries)
  • Medical History (18th-19th Centuries)