December 20, 2018

Research Fellow Jan C. Jansen Publishes Article in Latest Issue of Geschichte und Gesellschaft

The latest issue of Geschichte und Gesellschaft (vol. 44.4, 2018) includes an article by GHI research fellow Jan C. Jansen entitled "Flucht und Exil im Zeitalter der Revolutionen Perspektiven einer atlantischen Flüchtlingsgeschichte (1770er–1820er Jahre)." The article, which is based in part on research from his Habilitation project at the GHI, looks at how the Age of Revolutions brought about political refugees as a mass phenomenon. While scholars have emphasized mutual influences between revolutions across the Atlantic and the broad horizons of the revolutionaries, they have not applied the same methodological rigor to those who opposed or fled revolutionary change. Dr. Jansen's research brings together cases from the American, the French, the Haitian and Spanish-American revolutions to investigate the geographic horizons, similarities and connections between the different refugee movements. In the article, he argues that a comparative and entangled history of these exiles provides a host of new insights on the history of the Atlantic during this period: from the reconfiguration of political communities and early forms of migration control and humanitarian assistance to the changing boundaries of freedom and new spaces of transnational politics.