July 07, 2016

Former GHI fellow Corinna Ludwig publishes dissertation on German Businesses in the United States after WWII

Corinna Ludwig, former GHI doctoral fellow in residence and member of the Transatlantic Perspectives project, has published her dissertation on German Businesses in the United States after World War II Amerikanische Herausforderungen. Deutsche Großunternehmen in den USA nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg (Peter Lang 2016).

Internationalization presents companies with a variety of challenges. This study examines how major German companies in the United States between 1945 and the 1980s developed their communication and brand strategies to achieve success in a foreign market. The book is centered on five major challenges German companies faced in the United States: Dispossession and the trading with enemies act; forms of internationalization; public relations and dealing with the American public; consumer advertising; and globalization and corporate identity. Using a transnational approach, the author highlights how transfers in the development of advertising and communications were exchanged on both sides of the Atlantic.