GHI Research Fellow Jan Jansen publishes "Decolonization: A Short History" with Jürgen Osterhammel

GHI Research Fellow Jan Jansen along with Jürgen Osterhammel recently published Decolonization: A Short History (Princeton University Press, 2017). The volume traces the decline of European, American, and Japanese colonial supremacy from World War I to the 1990s and provides a comparative perspective on the decolonization process. The end of colonial rule across the globe was one of the most important and dramatic developments of the twentieth century. In the decades after World War II, dozens of new states emerged as actors in global politics. Long-established imperial regimes collapsed, some more or less peacefully, others amid mass violence. The authors take an incisive look at decolonization and its long-term consequences, revealing it to be a coherent yet multidimensional process at the heart of modern history. The book concisely and authoritatively provides an introduction to this momentous chapter in history, the aftershocks of which are still being felt today.