Competing Modernities

The German Historical Institute and the Humboldt University Berlin joined forces in a joint project, "Competing Modernities: Germany and the United States, 1890 to the Present," which is mostly completed. Made possible by a grant from the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Stuttgart), the project was directed by Christof Mauch (GHI) and Kiran Patel (Humboldt University Berlin) and was also supported by the American Institute of Contemporary German Studies. The project's goal was to systematically compare the historical development of the United States and Germany from a number of vantage points over an extended period of time. It will result in the publication of a collection of scholarly but accessible essays that are designed for a general readership. The German version will appear in 2008; an English version will appear shortly thereafter. Because it is the first comprehensive comparison of two national histories on this scale, it is hoped that the publication will serve as a model and a stimulus for future research. The project also strives to contribute to public discussions about future social and political developments in Germany and in the United States.