Reference Guide 18

German Americana, 1800–1955: A Guide to Archival Collections, Vol. 1

Christoph Strupp and Birgit Zischke, with the Assistance of Kai Dreisbach

Please note:
This is part one in a two volume bibliography of German Americana. Click on the link to see part 2 (Reference Guide 22).
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Table of Contents 

Introduction - Bibliographies of German Research on America - General Overviews, Handbooks - Geography, Nature, Vegetation, Wildlife, American Historiography History, Political System, Constitution, Labor, Unions, Socialism, Emigration to the United States, German Americans, Travel Accounts, Language, Literature, Economy, Financial System, Banks, Taxation, Transportation, Natural Resources, Energy, Environment, Law, Society, Women, Gender, Sexuality, Ethnic Minorities, Churches, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Pedagogy, Educational System, Art, Architecture, Popular Culture, Media, Medicine & Health Care, Travel Guides, European Images of America, American Studies in Germany, Miscellaneous

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