New Forum "The Vanishing Nineteenth Century in European History?" features contribution from GHI Director Simone Lässig

A new discussion forum on "The Vanishing Nineteenth Century in European History?: Introduction: The Shifting Space of the Nineteenth Century in European History" has been published in Central European History (Vol 51.4, Dec. 2018) and considers "if and why the 19th century matters for the present, and what the future of 19th-century history might be."

Featuring contributions from Karen Hagemann, Simone Lässig, David Blackbourn, James M. Brophy, Pieter M. Judson, Alexander M. Martin, Lloyd S. Kramer, Alex Chase-Levenson, Roger Chickering, Suzanne Marchand, Sebastian Conrad, BIrgit Aschmann, Jürgen Osterhammel, and Andrew Zimmerman, the forum was based in part on a panel series organized by the GHI and CEH at the 2018 Conference of the American Historical Association.