GHI Research Fellow Kerstin von der Krone Published Article in a New Volume on German-Jewish Bible Scholarship

Kerstin von der Krone, research fellow at the GHI, has just published a chapter in the collective volume Deutsch-jüdische Bibelwissenschaft: Historische, exegetische und theologische Perspektiven (Berlin: De Gruyter 2019), that draws on her current book project on nineteenth-century Jewish education and the transformation of Jewish knowledge. The chapter, “Ordnungen religiösen Wissens: Tora und Bibel in jüdischen Religionslehrbüchern des 19. Jahrhunderts,” explores the role of the Hebrew Bible in German-Jewish education in the first half of the nineteenth century. It discusses in detail textbooks and handbooks for religious instruction as a new didactical means that fundamentally reshaped the representation of Jewish knowledge and thus of knowledge about Torah and Bible.

The volume, edited by Daniel Vorpahl, Shani Tzoref and Sophia Kähler (University of Potsdam), is devoted to Jewish interpretations and translations of the Bible in the nineteenth and twentieth century and aims to situate them within their broader cultural, intellectual, and scholarly context, including the emerging historical-critical biblical scholarship, and within their more practical meaning for contemporary German-Jewish religious culture and education.