Bulletin 26: Spring 2000






Conferences and Workshops

  • The United States, the Dissolution of the European Empires, and the Emergence of the "Third World"
    Marc Frey
  • Global Human Experience, Capitalism, and Nature: The Construction of New Grand Narratives in History
    Eckhardt Fuchs
  • Coming to Terms with the Female Sonderfall: Women's Work and Gender Politics in East and West Germany
    Donna Harsch
  • The Culture of Hypnosis: Pseudosciences, Sexuality, and Art in Fin-de-Siècle Europe
    Andreas Daum
  • Gender History in Transatlantic Perspective: Women, Motherhood, and Social Change in Twentieth-Century Europe and the United States
    Christine von Oertzen
  • Aesthetics and Politics: From Cologne Cathedral to the Holocaust Memorial
    Cordula A. Grewe
  • The Past and Future of Comparative History
    Malve S. Burns


  • Eighth Annual Symposium of the Friends of the GHI
    Geoffrey J. Giles
  • Official Encounters: Writing and the Making of Civil Society in Germany, 1790s­1820s
    Ian F. McNeely
  • Anthropology and the Place of Knowledge in Imperial Berlin
    Andrew Zimmerman
  • The Nationalized Body: Conceptions of the Body and the Nationalist Imaginary in Nineteenth-Century Germany
    Cordula A. Grewe


  • The Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize
  • Summer Seminar in Paleography and Archival Studies, June 4­18, 2000
  • Sixth Transatlantic Doctoral Seminar in German History
  • Recipients of the GHI's Dissertation and Habilitation Scholarships, 2000
  • Library Report
  • Conference Papers on the Web
  • Publications of Note
  • Staff Changes
  • Recipients of the German-American Center for Visiting Scholars (GACVS) Research Grants, 1999/2000


  • Spring 2000 Lecture Series
  • A Farewell to Detlef Junker, Director of the GHI, 1994­1999
  • Honor for Timothy Mulligan
  • U.S. Environmental History and Global Change
  • First Lecture of the Friends of the GHI
  • Call for Papers: Exhibiting the Other: Museums of Mankind and the Politics of Cultural Representation
  • GHI Dissertation and Habilitation Scholarships 2001
  • Upcoming Conferences and Workshops

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