Gustav Stresemann: The Crossover Artist

As a foreign minister and chancellor of Weimar Germany, Gustav Stresemann is a familiar figure for students of German history – one who, for many, embodied the best qualities of German interwar liberalism. However, a more nuanced and ambivalent picture emerges in this award-winning biography, which draws on extensive research and new archival material to enrich our understanding of Stresmann’s public image and political career. It memorably explores the personality of a brilliant but flawed politician who endured class anxiety and social marginalization, and who died on the eve of Germany’s descent into economic and political upheaval.

Gustav Stresemann: The Crossover Artist by Karl Heinrich Pohl and translated from the German by Christine Brocks, with the assistance of Patricia C. Sutcliffe, is available from Berghahn Books in GHI’s series “Studies in German History.”