Studies in German History

Published in Collaboration with Berghahn Books 
Series Editor: Simone Lässig with the assistance of Patricia Sutcliffe


Studies in German History, the GHI’s series with Berghahn Books, serves as a transatlantic forum on German history. The GHI pursues three aims with the series. First, it makes important German-language scholarship available to an international audience in English translation. Second, it highlights the GHI’s support of new approaches and methodologies in Central European history by publishing essay collections based upon GHI-organized conferences. Third, the GHI utilizes the series to bring the monographs of German scholars at the outset of their careers to a wider audience. 

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Christof Mauch, ed.

Nature in German History

Studies in German History. Vol. 1. New York: Berghahn Books, 2004

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