Through its Pacific Regional Office, the GHI Washington has expanded its network for cooperation as well as its research agenda. The Pacific Regional Office runs programs to bring German scholars, both junior and senior, into dialogue with their North American colleagues and to allow them to take advantage of the wealth of research resources in the western U.S. and Canada. Housed on the University of California Berkeley, the Pacific Regional Office is also ideally situated to serve the German academic community’s growing interest in and engagement with the Pacific world.

Bringing the Pacific world into the GHI’s research agenda is a central objective of the GHI | PRO. This broadening of scope and perspective builds on GHI’s established programs in North American and transatlantic history, German and European history, and transnational and global history. The Pacific world stands at the Pacific Regional Office’s special research focus on the history of migrant knowledge. The Pacific Regional Office will also put an emphasis on research projects and scholarly programs that explore the interconnections of the Atlantic and Pacific worlds.