Migrant Knowledge

The social and cultural landscapes of the western United States, Mexico and Canada testify powerfully to the historical impact of movements of people and knowledge across borders. With that history in mind, the German Historical Institute has made the history of migrant knowledge a special research focus of its Pacific Regional Office. The history of migration – above all, the history of the waves of German migration to North America – has been a central topic in the GHI’s program in North American and transatlantic history since the institute’s founding. The history of knowledge has been a research focus at the GHI since 2015. Bridging those two areas of concertation, the Pacific Regional Office’s program in the history of migrant knowledge aims to develop a new perspective on the history of the Pacific world.  Interdisciplinary by design, the program in migrant knowledge aims to foster exchange not only among scholars in fields such as history, migration studies, political science, and cultural studies but also among academics and experts in the governmental and NGO sectors. 

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