GHI Advisory Board Member Christina Morina Wins German Non-Fiction Prize

June 18, 2024

Congratulations to Christina Morina, a member of the academic advisory board, whose book "Tausend Aufbrüche" won the prestigious German Non-fiction Prize for 2024!

A jury selected "Tausend Aufbrüche. Die Deutschen und ihre Demokratie seit den Achtziger Jahren" (Siedler Verlag) from among eight nominated books for the 25,000 Euro prize.

"Tausend Aufbrüche" explores the transformative periods in history and the countless beginnings that have shaped our world. "In her book Christina Morina uses sources that have received little attention to date to show how differently the understanding of democracy has developed in East and West Germany since the 1980s. Morina provides surprising and necessary impulses for current social discussions. Her book risks a lot without polarizing - democracy is a process, not a state." The 48-year-old Morina is a university lecturer at Bielefeld University

Once again, we would like to congratulate Prof. Morina for her excellent work.