Juliane Braun

Affiliated Scholar
German Historical Institute
1607 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington DC 20009

Biographical Summary

Juliane Braun specializes in multilingual and transnational literatures and cultures of the early Americas. Her first book, titled Creole Drama: Theatre and Society in Antebellum New Orleans (under contract with the University of Virginia Press), shows how New Orleans’s francophone population used the theatre to maintain their political, economic, and cultural sovereignty in the face of growing Anglo-American dominance. Juliane Braun’s second book project combines her long-standing interests in multilingual and transnational literatures with a new focus in the environmental humanities and book history. This project is tentatively titled Translating the Pacific: Imperial Imaginations, Nature Writing, and Early Modern Print Cultures and explores how nature and conceptions of nature were defined, circulated, and revised through translation, editorial practices, and the book trade in early modern Europe and the Americas. Juliane Braun is also the co-editor of America After Nature: Democracy, Culture, Environment (Winter, 2016) and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the journals Early American Literature, Atlantic Studies: Global Currents, and Cambridge University’s African American Literature in Transition Series.

Main Areas of Interest

  • Multilingual and transnational American studies,
  • Book history and print culture studies,
  • Nature writing and environmental humanities,
  • Translation studies,
  • Theatre and drama