Guest Scholars at the GHI

Former Guest Scholars

  • Thomas Ruoss (University of Leuven)
    October 2019 - November 2019
    Research Project: "Educating for Capitalism: Shaping Market Societies through Economic Education in the 20th Century"
  • Katrin Horn (Universität Bayreith)
    April 2019 - May 2019
    Research Project: “Economy and Epistemology of Gossip in 19th– and early 20th-Century US-American Literature and Culture"
  • Philipp Scherzer (Universität Mannheim)
    May 2018 - July 2018
    Research Project: “‘Do We Still Need Europe?’ Neokonservative Europabilder und transatlantische Entfremdung von den 1970er Jahren bis ins 21. Jahrhundert”
  • Kijan Malte Espahangizi (ETH & Universität Zürich)
    May 2017 - October 2017
    Research Project: “Towards A Knowledge History of Postmigrant Societies: A Case Study on the Emergence of Migration & Integration Research in Post-War Switzerland, 1960-1975"
  • Mirjam Thulin (Leibniz Institute of European History)
    March 2017 - April 2017
    Research Project: "Generations of Shtadlanut and Tzedakah: The Viennese Court Factor Family Wertheimer, c. 1650-1900"