Doctoral Fellowships, 1993

Anjana Buckow 

The American Image of the GDR in the HICOG Files, 1949-1953/54. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Herman-Josef Rupieper, University of Marburg. 

Mathias Eberenz 

Vision and Reality in Chicago: The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 as Cultural Symbol and Anticipation of the American Century. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Reinhard R. Doerries, University of Erlangen. 

Rudolf Herz 

Photography as a Medium of the Hitler Myth: The Life and Work of Heinrich Hoffmann. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Detlef Hoffmann, University of Oldenburg. 

Solvejg Höppner 

Immigration and Settlement of Jews from Eastern Europe in Saxony, 1880-1933.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Ulrich Heß, University of Leipzig. 

Thomas Kohlmann 

German Emigré Architects and Designers in New York. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Tilmann Buddensieg, University of Bonn. 

Marion G. Müller 

Comparing Strategies of Political Imaging: Election Campaign Posters in Germany, France and the United States. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Peter Reichel, University of Hamburg. 

Manfred Neumann 

Alamancilar (German Turks) and Chicanos: A Comparative Study of the Acculturation of Mexican Migrant Workers in the United States and Turkish Migrant Workers in West Germany. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Dirk Hoerder, University of Bremen. 

Eva Pietsch 

A Study of the Process of Class Development: The Organization of Ethnic Workers among the Amalgamated Clothing Workers in Baltimore, 1914-1918. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Klaus Tenfelde, University of Bielefeld. 

Ansgar Reiß 

Democracy without Enlightenment: The United States as Perceived by the German Revolutionary and Emigré Gustav Struve. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Günther Lottes, University of Regensburg. 

David J. Staley 

In Whose Image? Knowledge, Social Science and Democracy in Occupied Germany, 1943-1955. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Alan Beyerchen, Ohio State University. 

Manuela Thurner 

Free Black Women's Associational Activities in the Antebellum North, 1793-1860.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Nancy F. Cott, Yale University. 

Ulrike Weissenberger 

The War Powers Resolution: Aspects of a Democracy. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Peter Graf Kielmansegg, University of Mannheim.