Doctoral Fellowships, 1992

Heike Bungert 

The Western Allies and the Nationalkomittee Freies Deutschland, 1941-1949.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Jürgen Heideking, University of Tübingen. 

Andreas W. Daum

Wissenschaftspopularisierung in Deutschland, 1848-1914.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Thomas Nipperdey, University of Munich. 

Jens Fügener 

American Policy toward Japan, 1931-35/36: Basis, Goals, Outcomes.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Peter Schäfer, University of Jena. 

Gerhard Kümmel 

Foreign Economic Relations between the Third Reich and the United States: Transnational Relations in a Phase of Regionalism and Nationalism in the International System.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Wilfried Freiherr von Bredow, University of Marburg. 

Claudia Langen 

German-American Financial Relations before World War I vis-à-vis the Impact of the Monetary Crisis of 1907.
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Thomas Nipperdey, University of Munich. 

Christian Ostermann

Die Vereinigten Staaten und ‘das andere Deutschland’: Die DDR in der Perzeption und Politik der USA von 1949 bis 1961. 

Cay Rademacher 

The Image of America in the Frankfurter Zeitung and the Image of Germany in the New York Times from 1918-1933. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Erich Angermann, University of Cologne. 

Thomas Reimer 

The Bayer AG, Leverkusen, and the American Market, 1860-1918. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Frederick Marquardt, Syracuse University. 

Henry Wend 

The Economic Cooperation Administration in Germany: A Case Study in American Foreign Aid Implementation. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Thomas J. McCormick, University of Wisconsin at Madison. 

Christiane Winkel 

Reparations and German Unity: Clay, Sokolowski, and the Compromise Proposal of 1946. 
Doctoral adviser: Prof. Manfred Görtemaker, Free University of Berlin.