GACVS Research Grants, 1999-2000

1999-2000 (Group IV)

Dr. Jens Beckert, Free University of Berlin
Negotiated Modernity: Inheritance in Germany, France, and the United States since 1800. 

Josef M. Braml, Brookings Institution
U.S. and German Think Tanks and their Different Ways and Means of Coping with and Impacting their Marketplaces. 

Dr. Magnus Brechtken, University of Munich
Sea-Change: The Influence of Sea-Power on Foreign Policy and Its Perception by Policymaking Elites in Germany, Great Britain, and the United States, 1890-1914. 

Günter Gerlach, University of Giessen
Internet Policy in the United States: Technical Standards, Their Contribution to Regulation and the Achievement of Public Policy Interests. 

Cornelia Helmke, University of Lüneburg
U.S.-American Retailers in Germany – A Study on the Internalization of Retail Business. 

Michaela Hertkorn, Free University of Berlin
Conflict Transformation and Peace Building. 

Torsten Hitz, University of Karlsruhe
Jaqcues Derrida’s Political Philosophy. 

Dr. Michaela Hönicke, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik
Know Your Enemy: American Interpretations of National Socialism, 1933-1945. 

Markus Lang, Technical University of Chemnitz
The Political Theory of Karl Loewenstein. 

Dr. David Monod, University of Toronto
Study of Post-War Music-Politics in Germany’s American Zone (Explore Cultural Relations between Americans and Germans from 1945 to 1953). 

Anette Neff, University of Trier
Die Amerikaner auf dem Dorf 1947 bis 1952. Die Reaktion der ländlichen deutschen Bevölkerung auf die amerikanische Demokratisierungspolitik. 

Christiane Nickel, Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management, Koblenz
The Consequences of the European Monetary Union for the Exchange Rate Policy in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Dr. Nathan Stoltzfus, Harvard University
East (ern) Germany and the Tradition of German Protest. 

Natalie Strohm, University of Bamberg
Ethics in Public Office. 

Dr. Christine von Oertzen, Technical University of Berlin
German-American Comparison on the History of Part-Time Work. 

Dr. Gunnar Trumbull, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Product Market Regulation - France, Germany, and the USA 

Susan Ulbricht, University of Leipzig
Income Mixes – Changes of the Structure of Income Sources.