GACVS Research Grants, 1999-2000

1999/2000 (Group III)

Dr. Hans Bass, University of Bremen
The U.S. Policies toward China. 

Lisa Brand, University of Bonn
The American Influence on the German ‘Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen' (German Antitrust Law) after 1945. 

Susanne Cassel, University of Freiburg
Economic Policy Advice - The Role of American Think Tanks and Lessons for Germany. 

Prof. Dr. Anselm Doering-Manteuffel, University of Tübingen 
Germany in the West: Americanization and Westernization in the Twentieth Century. 

Dr. Günther Gerlach, University of Giessen
Internet Policy in the United States: Self-Governance of the Net versus Governmental Regulation. 

Dr. Andreas Grossmann, Hegel Archives, Bochum
Hannah Arendt's Criticism of the Tradition of Political Philosophy. 

Dieter Kerwer, Max Planck Project Group, Bonn
Credit-Rating Agencies and Governance of Financial Markets. 

Christine Künzel, Humboldt University of Berlin
The Order of Genders in Rape Trials: The Concept of Sexual Violence in the Discourses of Law and Literature.

Dr. Daniel Letwin, Pennsylvania State University
Black Political Thought and `Social Equity' in the Age of Segregation. 

Dr. Elke Muchlinski, Free University of Berlin
Central Bank Policy in North America and Its Implications for the Choice of a Monetary Regime in Western Europe. 

Gunnar Trumbull, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Product Market Regulations (Germany, France, and the USA). 

Yvonne Walter, University of Leipzig
The Representation of Asian Americans in Federal Politics. 

Dr. Rüdiger Wink, University of Bochum
Institutional Evolution to Manage Long-Term Opportunities and Risks of Modern Technologies - Lessons from U.S. Experiences. 

Andrea Witt, Humboldt University of Berlin
German-Polish and U.S.-Mexican Borders (with Special Attention to the Various Horizontal and Vertical Networks).