GACVS Research Grants, 1998-1999

1998-1999 (Group II)

Dr. habil. Gerhard Beestermöller, Institute for Theology and Peace, Barsbüttel 
The Call for Reconciliation as a Challenge to Theology. 

Anna Bosch, University of Bonn 
Case Studies of Latino Communities in Washington, D.C.: Relevance to European Countries in the Era of Ever-Expanding European Unification, of Open Borders and Mass Wave Immigration. 

Eric von Breska, University of Munich 
The Lending Policy of the IMF and the World Bank toward Russia. 

Julia Bultmann, University of Göttingen
Basic Contents and Methods in the Work of Church Career Development Centers and Career Development Centers in the USA. 

Susanne Fleming, University of Maryland at College Park
The Holocaust and Catholic Conscience: Discourse on Guilt, Responsibility, and Victimization amongst German Catholics, 1945-1950. 

Dr. Helmut Geist, University of Düsseldorf
Social and Environmental Implications of Tobacco Farming (and Processing). 

Thomas Greven, Free University of Berlin 
Coping with Globalization: International Labor Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy. 

Dr. Barbara Hahn, University of Lüneburg 
Changing Retail Concepts and Retail Locations in the USA. 

Dr. Silke Hensel, University of Bielefeld 
Ethnic Differentiation and Conflicts in a 'Multicultural' Society: Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans in the United States, Twentieth Century. 

Michaela Hertkorn, Free University of Berlin 
International Conflict Transformation: A Comparative Analysis between the U.S. and Western Europe. 

Jochen Kirchhoff, University of Munich 
The German Rockefeller Committee on Social Sciences of the Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft, 1923-1936: A History of Transatlantic Philanthropy and International Science Policy. 

Dr. Katrin Pickenhan, Free University of Berlin 
When Ideas Travel: The Impact of Scottish Enlightenment Thought on the American Founding Fathers. A Case Study on John Witherspoon, Francis Alison, and James Wilson. 

Dr. Andrea Römmele, University of Mannheim 
Direct Communication Between Political Parties and Voters in the United States and Germany. 

Dr. Martin Sabrow, Center for Research on Contemporary History, Potsdam 
Historische Forschung und Herrschaftsdiskurs. Ausbildung und Wandel der 'sozialistischen Geschichtswissenschaft' in der DDR am Beispiel historiographischer Großforschungsprojekte, 1949-1989. 

Dr. Martin Thunert, University of Hamburg 
A 'Third Way' Beyond 'Big Government' and 'Anti-Government'? Governing Philosophies and Public Policies during the Clinton Administration.