GACVS Research Grants, 1998-1999

1998-1999 (Group I)

Dr. Thomas Austenfeld, Drury College 
American Authors and European Modernism. 

Dr. habil. Gerhard Beestermöller, Institute for Theology and Peace, Barsbüttel 
The Call for Reconciliation as a Challenge to Theology. 

Thomas Greven, Free University of Berlin
Coping with Globalization: International Labor Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy. 

Dr. Heike Grimm, Union Mittelständischer Unternehmer, Munich 
The Role of Entrepreneurship in Germany and the U.S. 

Anna Grzymala-Busse, Harvard University 
The Adaptation of Communist Parties to Democracy in East Central Europe after 1989. 

Dr. Susanne Hauser, Humboldt University of Berlin 
The Aesthetics of Revitalization: Industrial Wasteland Regained. 

Dr. Felicitas Hillmann, Social Science Research Center (WZB), Berlin 
Migration Studies – Urban Ethnic Labor and Fringe Labor Markets. 

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Keil, University of Leipzig 
German Immigrants and African- Americans in Mid-Nineteenth Century America: A Study for Group Interaction. 

Stefan Krankenhagen, University of Hildesheim 
Contemporary Forms of Representation of Auschwitz. 

Michael Kühlen, University of Münster 
Newt Gingrich's Breach of Contract with America. 

Steven Remy, Ohio University 
Nazification, Denazification and the Future of the University: The Case of Heidelberg. 

Dr. Georg Schild, University of Bonn 
Development of Social Policy in the U.S. in the Twentieth Century. 

Dr. Ulrike Schneider, University of Hannover 
Living and Care Arrangements of German and U.S. Elderly. 

Dr. Wolfgang Schwanitz, Free University of Berlin 
The Third Reich and the Near East. 

Dr. Ludger Schwarte, Institute for European Studies, Paris 
Geschichte des öffentlichen Raums. 

Dr. Alexander Siedschlag, Humboldt University of Berlin 
Institutionalization and Conflict Management in the New Europe. 

Dr. Thomas Zittel, University of Mannheim 
Democracy in the Information Age.