GHI Archival Summer School in the United States for Junior Historians

The German Historical Institute offers an archival program in the U.S. for doctoral students from Germany and the United States. The seminar prepares Ph.D. students working in the field of American history for their prospective research trips. Participants learn how to contact archives, use finding aids, identify important reference tools, and become acquainted with miscellaneous American research facilities.

They gain insight into how historical materials are acquired, preserved, and made accessible to historians. In addition, they have the opportunity to meet a number of prominent scholars and discuss their research with them.

The program's goal is that participants will gain an appreciation for the various kinds of archives and special collections located in the United States, either for future reference or for their general training as scholars of American history, culture, and society. Students are also welcome to extend their stay in the United States to do their own exploration and research after the program ends.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage the formation of small working groups during the seminar and cooperation with a partner PhD-student in the respective fields.

Applicants must be registered as Ph.D. students or enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a German or US institution of higher education. The program seeks qualified applicants interested in historical studies in a broad range of fields (art history, economic and business history, history of consumption, cultural studies, diplomatic history, etc.), and whose projects require consulting sources located in US archives.

The GHI Archival Summer School in the United States for Junior Historians is currently under review. The program has been suspended until further notice.

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