GHI Seminars

Events 2000

If not otherwise announced, the Research Seminar meets Wednesdays 4.30 - 6.00 pm in the GHI Seminar Room. The GHI Research Seminar is a forum for scholars to discuss their ongoing research projects. Taking place on a biweekly basis, it brings together international researchers, DC scholars and GHI research fellows to stimulate intellectual exchange in a wide variety of historical problems, epochs and methods. The seminar discussions are based either on project presentations or unpublished, pre-circulated papers. If you wish to attend or present your work in progress, please write to Anne Schenderlein and Sören Urbansky at

The GHI Fellows’ Colloquium usually meets on Thursday mornings. Please send all inquiries via e-mail to Axel Jansen.

November 16, 2000
  • Robert Murphy and the Art of Diplomacy.
    Michael J. Marcisin (University of California at Berkeley)

October 12, 2000
  • Images for Democracy: American Visual Policies in Germany, 1945-1949
    Cora Goldstein (University of Chicago)
  • U.S.-Medien im Krieg: Pressefreiheit und nationale Sicherheit in der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts
    Andreas Elter (University of Cologne)

September 21, 2000
  • Wissenschaft und Krieg. Die USA und das Deutsche Reich im Ersten Weltkrieg
    Dr. Christoph Strupp (University of Heidelberg)
  • Die USA und die Auflösung der europäischen Kolonialreiche in Südostasien
    Dr. Marc Frey (University of Cologne)
  • Ästhetik der Grenzüberschreitung als Subversion dualistischer Denkmuster: Die ‘Amerikanisierung’ der deutschen Literatur durch die Beat-Generation
    Kirsten Okun (University of Kiel)

April 11, 2000
  • National Identity and Cultural Difference in the Borderlands: German Schooling and Festivity in New York State and Ontario, 1850-1914
    Barbara Lorenzkowski (University of Ottawa)
  • The Political and Cultural History of Racial Representation of Africans and African-Americans in Germany, 1900-1933
    Charles E. Robinson (Brandeis University)
  • American Forces Network (AFN) in Deutschland in den 1950er und 1960er Jahren
    Anja Schaefers (University of Hamburg)

February 29, 2000
  • German-Americans in Civil War-Era Pennsylvania: The Relationship between Ethnicity and Wartime Character
    Christian B. Keller (Pennsylvania State University)
  • ‘Exitus’ Today in Hadamar: The History of a National Socialist ‘Euthanasia’ Facility
    Patricia Heberer (University of Maryland)
  • Rethinking Race: African Americans and the Occupation of Germany, 1945-1949
    Timothy L. Schroer (University of Virginia)
  • Civic Foreign Policy: U.S. Religious Interest Groups and Central American Migration, 1980-1992
    Svenja Blanke (Free University of Berlin)