GHI Seminars

Events 1994

If not otherwise announced, the Research Seminar meets Wednesdays 4.30 - 6.00 pm in the GHI Seminar Room. The GHI Research Seminar is a forum for scholars to discuss their ongoing research projects. Taking place on a biweekly basis, it brings together international researchers, DC scholars and GHI research fellows to stimulate intellectual exchange in a wide variety of historical problems, epochs and methods. The seminar discussions are based either on project presentations or unpublished, pre-circulated papers. If you wish to attend or present your work in progress, please write to Anne Schenderlein and Sören Urbansky at

The GHI Fellows’ Colloquium usually meets on Thursday mornings. Please send all inquiries via e-mail to Axel Jansen.

September 07, 1994
  • The Second New Deal and the Americanization of (West) Germany, 1938-1953: Corporate Internationalism and Social Reform
    Regina Gramer (Rutgers University)

July 25, 1994
  • Der Kalte Krieg und die Rezeption des Abstrakten Expressionismus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
    Hilke Gerdes (Free University of Berlin)
  • The ‘Aryanization’ of Jewish Property by the Friedrich Flick Concern during the Nazi Era, 1933-1945
    Lisa Stallbaumer (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

July 18, 1994
  • The Significance of German Social Thought and Reform in American Progressivism: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Origins of the Social Welfare State, 1870-1914
    Axel Schäfer (University of Washington)
  • The Transformation of Activism: The Participation of Black Women in the Civil and Human Rights Movement and their Rise in the Social and Political Institutions of American Society since the 1950s
    Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson (University of Munich)

June 14, 1994
  • Die jüdische Integration in die deutsche und die amerikanische Gesellschaft: Die Beispiele Breslau und Baltimore, 1870-1918
    Till van Rahden (University of Bielefeld)

January 19, 1994
  • Taming the Wild West: East and West German Encounters with American Popular Culture, 1949-1962
    Uta G. Poiger (Brown University)