Young Scholars Forum

Beyond the Nation: U.S. History in Transnational Perspective

March 29 - April 01, 2007
Young Scholars Forum
Conveners: Thomas Adam (University of Texas at Arlington) and Uwe Lübken (GHI)

Crossing the Atlantic: European Dimensions of American History

March 31 - April 02, 2005
Young Scholars Forum at the University of Texas at Arlington
Conveners: Christof Mauch (GHI), Thomas Adam (University of Texas at Arlington)

Environment, Culture, Politics: Transatlantic Perspectives

May 27 - 30, 2004
Young Scholars Forum
Conveners: Charles Closmann (GHI), Frank Zelko (GHI)

Culture in American History: Transatlantic Perspectives

May 29 - June 01, 2003
Young Scholars Forum at the GHI
Convener: Christine von Oertzen (GHI)

War and Society: Germany and Europe in Historical Perspective

March 21 - 24, 2002
Young Scholars Forum 2002 at the GHI
Convener: Christoph Strupp (GHI)

Gender, Power, Religion: Forces in Cultural History

March 29 - April 01, 2001
Young Scholars Forum 2001 at the GHI
Convener: Vera Lind (GHI)