GHI Spring and Fall Lecture Series

Spring 2019
The Weimar Republic Reconsidered

Spring 2018
Illicit Knowledge: Copyright, Piracy, and Intellectual Property in Historical Perspective

Spring 2017
The Making of the Digital World

Spring 2016
Measuring Risk and Human Needs: New Perspectives From the History of Knowledge

Spring 2015
Intelligence Services and Civil Liberties: Security and Privacy in Historical Perspective

Spring 2014
Historians Shaped by History: East German Intellectual Biographies

Fall 2013
Ending Slavery: Nineteenth-Century Emancipations in a Transatlantic World

Spring 2013
Public Debt in History

Fall 2012
Social Justice in Times of Crisis: A Transatlantic Comparison

Spring 2012
Get Out the Vote! Mobilization, Media, and Money

Fall 2011
German Colonialism and the Concept of Transnational History

Spring 2011
Crossing the Color Line: A Global History of the African American Freedom Struggle

Fall 2010
The Profitable Body: The Business of Beauty

Spring 2010
History of Globalization - Globalization in History

Fall 2009
DDR - Was bleibt? East German Legacies in German History

Spring 2009
Financial Crises: How They Changed History

Fall 2008
New Perspectives on the Economic History of National Socialism

Spring 2008
African Americans and Germans: Historical Encounters

Fall 2007
The "German Autumn" of 1977: Terror, State, and Society in West Germany

Spring 2007
Empire in German and American History

Spring and Fall 2006
Competing Modernities: Germany and the United States, 1890 to the Present

Fall 2005
One Hundred Years of German Expressionism: Painters and Patrons, Politics and the Public

Spring 2005
Germany 1945 - Liberation, Defeat, Reckoning

Fall 2004
Science, Technology and Culture in German History

Spring 2004
History in Film - Film in History

Fall 2003
Narrating History: Memoirs and Memories

Spring 2003
Germany's America, 1945 - Present

Fall 2002
Contested Beliefs: Issues in German and American Religious History

Spring 2002
Challenges to German Democracy, 1949-2001

Fall 2001
The History of the Senses

Spring 2001
The Third Reich in Historical Perspective

Fall 2000
Germany and the United States: Exchanging Images and Ideas, 1750-2000

Spring 2000
History and Its Images

Fall 1999
Nature in History

Spring 1999
The Two Germanies: 1949 - 1989

Fall 1998
History and Biography

Spring 1998
Democratic Traditions in German History: Revolution, Reform, and Resistance

Fall 1997
Military and Militarism in German Society

Spring 1997
Military and Militarism in German Society

Fall 1996
Turning Points in Twentieth-Century German-American History

Spring 1996
Turning Points in Twentieth-Century German-American History

Fall 1995
The German Welfare State in International Perspective

Spring 1995
50 Years Later: Historians View the Aftermath of World War II

Fall 1994
New York in American History

Spring 1994
Two Different Paths to Modernity: Comparative Aspects of German and American History, 1865-1914

Fall 1993

Spring 1993

Fall 1992

Spring 1992

Fall 1991

Spring 1991

Fall 1990

Spring 1990

Fall 1989

Spring 1989

Fall 1988

Spring 1988