German Unification Symposium / Hertie Lecture

1990: An Epochal Break in German History?

September 28, 2016
German Unification Symposium Lecture at the GHI
Speaker: Martin Sabrow (ZZF)

German Unification Symposium 2015: The Challenges of Unified Germany

October 27, 2015
Lecture & Discussion at the GHI
Speaker: Gregor Gysi

The Memory of Dictatorship and the Future of Democracy: The East German Past Today

October 03, 2014
German Unification Symposium Lecture at the GHI
Speaker: Richard Schröder

German Unification Symposium/Hertie Lecture 2013

October 03, 2013
Lecture at the GHI
Speaker: Konrad Jarausch

1989 - New Lives, New Truisms

October 03, 2012
Speaker: Ingo Schulze

1990 - 2010: The Unfinished Business of Unifying Europe

October 04, 2010
Speaker: Wolfgang Ischinger

The Peaceful Revolution of 1989

October 03, 2008
Speaker: Marianne Birthler

Reflections on Unification

October 03, 2007
Speaker: Bärbel Bohley, Convener: Anke Ortlepp (GHI)

Bridging the Oder: Reflections on Poland, Germany, and the Transformation of Europe

October 03, 2006
Speakers: Gesine Schwan and Janusz Reiter, Convener: Christof Mauch (GHI)

Historical Upheavals, Fractured Identities: A Conversation with Monika Maron

October 03, 2005

Finding a Role: United Germany and the Resurgence of Europe. Germany's and Europe's Role in the World - 15 Years after the Cold War

October 06, 2004
Speaker: Markus Meckel

Reflections on My Country before and after 1989

October 03, 2003
Speaker: Jens Reich

The Difficult Path to Unity. East German Mentalities and their Transformation after 1990

October 03, 2002
Speaker: Joachim Gauck, Commentator: Ambassador James D. Bindenagel

Judging the Past in Unified Germany

October 03, 2001
Speaker: A. James McAdams (Notre Dame University), Commentators: Ann L. Phillips (American University), Bernd Schäfer (GHI)

The Federal Chancellery and German Unification 1989/90

October 03, 2001
Workshop with Michael Mertes (Rheinischer Merkur, Bonn), Commentator: Robert G. Livingston (GHI)