Bucerius Seminar 2004

American Archives and American History

September 06 - 18, 2004
pdf download [in: Bulletin 36, Spring 2005]

Conveners: Kathleen N. Conzen (University of Chicago), Andreas Etges (Free University of Berlin), Christof Mauch (GHI). 

Participants and their Projects: Julia Brookins (University of Chicago), "White Racial Identities within the Mobile Societies of Nineteenth-Century America"; Levke Harders (Humboldt University Berlin), "Gender—Discipline—History: Female Graduates of German and American Studies from the 1920s to the 1950s"; Gwennan Ickes (University of Chicago), "Changes in Conceptions and Understanding of American Selfhood in the Years Surrounding the Turn of Twentieth Century"; Tina Kühr (University of Bonn), "Imperial Propaganda and Education in the United States and the German Kaiserreich, 1889-1914"; Richard Mertens (University of Chicago), "Stockbridge Indians"; Martina Purucker (University of Regensburg), "Monstrosities in Seventeenth-Century New England"; Ralf Richter (University of Göttingen), "Innovation Clusters and Flexible Specialization: The Networks of the Machine Tool Industry in Chemnitz (Germany) and Cincinnat (U.S.), 1870-1930"; Kristina Scholz (Free University of Berlin), "The Greatest Story Ever Remembered: American Ways of Memorializing the Second World War and its Meaning"; Stefanie Troja (University of Göttingen), "Squatters in the Northwest Territory/Ohio, 1763-1812: A Study in Cultural and Social History"; David Wirth (University of Duisburg), "Western Diplomacy during the Second Berlin Crisis (1958-1963)".