Alois Mertes Memorial Lectures

How I Became a German - Jurek Becker's Life in Five Worlds

May 26, 1998
Speaker: Sander L. Gilman (University of Chicago)
Speaker: Sander L. Gilman (University of Chicago)

Religion, Americanization, and the Common Man

May 08, 1997
Speaker: Michael Zöller (University of Bayreuth)

The Struggle for Germany and the Origins of the Cold War

June 04, 1996
Speaker: Melvyn P. Leffler (University of Virginia)

East German Communists and the Jewish Question: The Case of Paul Merker

May 31, 1994
Speaker: Jeffrey Herf (University of Freiburg)

Ideals and Interests in Recent German Foreign Policy

May 27, 1993
Speaker: Ludger Kühnhardt (University of Freiburg)

CDU Deutschlandpolitik and Reunification, 1985-1989

May 04, 1992
Speaker: Clayton M. Clemens (College of William and Mary)

German-American-Jewish Themes: The End of the German Democratic Republic and the "Jewish Connection"

May 28, 1991
Speaker: Michael Wolffsohn (University of Munich)