New American Narrative on the Peopling of America

December 11, 9:30am - 12pm
Seminar at GHI PRO, 223 Moses Hall
Speakers: John R. Weeks (San Diego State University) Héctor Tobar (UC Irvine)

Sponsored by Institute of European Studies, German Historical Institute Washington - Pacific Regional Office, Zolberg Institute on Migration and MobilityBerkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative

John R. Weeks, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography and Director of the International Population Center at San Diego State University and Héctor Tobar, Author, Journalist, Associate Professor UC Irvine will co-teach an interdisciplinary seminar for students interested in exploring and understanding new (and old) narratives of immigration. UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars from all disciplines are invited to participate. Prof. Tobar suggested to listed to the following two podcasts to prepare for the seminar:

Registration is requested since space is limited. A light lunch will be served. Prof. Weeks and Prof. Tobar will also give two talks in the afternoon which is open to the general public (5 p.m.; Brower Center)

The seminar and lecture are part of a series of events organized by the German Historical Institute Washington - Pacific Regional Office and the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility and is co-sponsored by the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative and the Institute of European Studies.

The goal of the lecture series is to create a richer and better-informed discussion of the American past, present and future exists in order to construct a new narrative that can be true to enduring values of welcome, human dignity and equality.


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