Knowledge / Power / Political Culture - A Transatlantic Conversation

June 6, 2019
Panel Discussion at the GHI
Speakers: Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State University), Jakob Tanner (Zurich University), and moderated by Anna von der Goltz (Georgetown University)

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Knowledge is omnipresent, yet its value is increasingly being called into question, in particular in the political sphere. Amid the flood of information disseminated by social media, amid talk of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” expertise and thus knowledge are subject to challenges from many directions. The intellectual historian Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State University) and the political historian Jakob Tanner (Zurich University) will discuss the interdependencies between political culture, knowledge and power in history and thus join the conversation about the potential and limits of knowledge as a category of historical research.

This keynote event is organized as part of the conference "Political Culture and the History of Knowledge: Actors, Institutions, Practices."