The Place of Nature in the City in Twentieth-Century Europe and North America

December 01 - 03, 2005
Conference at the GHI

Conveners: Dorothee Brantz (SUNY Buffalo, GHI), Sonja Dümpelmann (Auburn University, GHI), Christof Mauch (GHI), Jennifer Price (Los Angeles)

Participants: Harriet Atkinson (Royal College of Art, London), Thomas J. Campanella (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Peter Clark (Helsinki University), Lawrence Culver (Utah State University), Konstanze Domhardt (ETH, Zurich), Catherine Evans (University of New South Wales), Zachary J. S. Falck (Carnegie Mellon University), Anne Hass (Technical University, Munich), Stefanie Hennecke (University of the Arts, Berlin), Bernd Hermann (University of Göttingen), Sonia A. Hirt (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Jens Lachmund (University of Maastricht), Katri Lento (University of Helsinki), Gary W. McDonogh (Bryn Mawr College), Bianca Maria Rinaldi (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna), William Rollins (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), Jeffrey Craig Sanders (University of New England), Dirk Schumann (GHI), Anne Whiston Spirn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Jessica Ullrich (University of the Arts, Berlin), Alfonso Valenzuela (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Vera Vicenzotti (Technical University, Munich), Jason Wiens (University of Calgary).