Cold War Memory

Interpreting the Physical Legacy of the Cold War


September 8-9, 2003
Conference at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington D.C.
[Bulletin 34, Spring 2004, pp. 166-174]

Conveners: Keith Allen, Woodrow Wilson Center; Christian Ostermann, Woodrow Wilson Center; Bernd Schäfer, GHI.

Participants: Dave Berwick, U.S. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation; Thomas Blanton, National Security Archive; Chen Jian, University of Virginia; Michael Devine, Truman Presidential Library; Jeffrey Engel, University of Pennsylvania; Skip Gosling, Department of Energy; Hope Harrison, George Washington University; Carol Hegeman, National Park Service; Dan Holt, Eisenhower Presidential Library; Arnita Jones, American Historical Association; Annette Kaminsky, Stiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur; Cindy Kelly, Atomic Heritage Foundation; Axel Klausmeier, University of Cottbus; Karl Kleve, Norwegian Aviation Museum; Sue Lamie, National Park Service; Douglas Lantry, U.S. Air Force Museum; Roger Launius, Smithsonian Institution; Melvyn Leffler, University of Virginia; Roger Lotchin, University of North Carolina; Paul Lusignan, National Park Service; Craig Manson, Department of the Interior; Kris Mitchell, Department of Energy; Anna Nelson, American University; Carol Neves, Smithsonian Institution; Leonid Obukhov, Perm-36 Gulag Museum; Vladimir Pechatnov, Moscow State University; Dwight Picaithley, National Park Service; Francis Gary Powers Jr., Cold War Museum; Constance Ramirez, National Park Service; Donald Ritchie, U.S. Senate; Romulus Rusan, Sighet Memorial; Carol Shull, National Park Service; William Taubman, Amherst College; Jay Thomas, U.S. Navy; Troy Wade, Atomic Testing Museum; Janelle Warren-Findley, Arizona State University; Rebecca Welch, Office of the Secretary of Defense.