Atlantic Crossings?

Transcultural Relations and Political Protest in Germany and the United States, 1958-1977


October 17-18, 2003
Conference at the GHI
[Bulletin 34, Spring 2004, pp. 184-189]

Conveners: Belinda Davis, Rutgers University; Astrid M. Eckert, GHI; Wilfried Mausbach, University of Heidelberg

Participants: Mererid Puw Davies, University of London; Carla MacDougall, Rutgers University; Michael Frey, University of Bochum; Martin Klimke, University of Heidelberg; Johannes Paulmann, International University of Bremen; Dieter Rucht, Social Science Research Center, Berlin; Kristina Schulz, University of Geneva; Bonnie Smith, Rutgers University; Jeremy Varon, Drew University.