War and Society - Germany and Europe in Historical Perspective

March 21-24, 2002
Young Scholar Forum at the GHI
[Bulletin 31, Fall 2002, pp. 81-88]

Convener: Christoph Strupp, GHI

Participants: David J. Bielanski, University of Illinois; Monica A. Black, University of Virginia, Charlottesville; Roger Chickering, Georgetown University; Aaron J. Cohen, California State University; Andrew Donson, Marquette University; Bryan Ganaway, University of Illinois; James A. Good, Rice University; Jonathan Gumz, University of Chicago; Daniel Krebs, Emory University; Christof Mauch, GHI; Wendy Maxon, University of California at San Diego; Bradley D. Naranch, Johns Hopkins University; Andrew Oppenheimer, University of Chicago; Pierre Purseigle, University of Toulouse; Kristin Rebien, Stanford University; Steven P. Remy, Ohio State University; Adam R. Seipp, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Richard Wetzell, GHI.

Mentors: Deborah Cohen, American University; Ute Frevert, University of Bielefeld; Gerhard Hirschfeld, University of Stuttgart; Gerhard L. Weinberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.