Expert Cultures and Social Engineering in the 19th Century

Scientists, Scholars, and Institutional Politics between Germany and the United States


April 26-27, 2002
Conference at the GHI
[Bulletin 31, Fall 2002, pp. 95-100]

Conveners: Christoph Strupp, GHI; Philipp Loeser, GHI.

Participants: David Cahan, University of Nebraska; Eckhardt Fuchs, University of Mannheim; Christie C. Hanzlik-Green, University of Wisconsin; Howard Hastings, Indiana, P.A.; Thomas A. Howard, Gordon College; Jochen Kirchhoff, German Museum, Munich; Gabriele Lingelbach, University of Trier; Christof Mauch, GHI; Dorothy Ross, Johns Hopkins University; Jeffrey Sklansky, Oregon State University; Frank Trommler, University of Pennsylvania; Andreas Westerwinter, University of Leipzig; Andrew Zimmerman, George Washington University.