Commissioning History in the United States, Germany and Austria

Historical Commissions, Victims, and World War II Restitution


November 21-24, 2002
Conference at the National D-Day Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana
[Bulletin 32, Spring 2003]

Conveners: Günter Bischof, University of New Orleans; Bernd Schäfer, GHI; Richard F. Wetzell, GHI; Jonathan Petropoulos, Claremont-McKenna College; Kenneth R. Hoffman, National D-Day Museum.

Participants: Konstantin Akinsha, Washington D.C.; Elazar Barkan, Claremont Graduate University; Peter Berger, University of New Orleans; James D. Bindenagel, U.S. Department of State; Robert L. Dupont, Metropolitan College; Martin Eichtinger, Federation of Austrian Industry, Vienna; Gerald Feldman, University of California at Berkeley; David Goldfield, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Constantin Goschler, Humboldt University of Berlin; Peter Hayes, Northwestern University; Clemens Jabloner, High Court of Administration, Vienna; Helen Junz, London; Saul Kagan, Jewish Claims Conference; Martin Morgan, National D-Day Museum; Peter Moser, Austrian Embassy to the United States; Gordon Nick Mueller, National D-Day Museum; Lawrence Powell, Tulane University; Oliver Rathkolb, University of Vienna; William Slany, U.S. Department of State; Dieter Stiefel, University of Vienna; Ernst Sucharipa, Austrian Diplomatic Academy, Vienna; Henry Turner, Yale University; Jeffrey K. Wilson, University of New Orleans; Hans Winkler, Austrian Foreign Ministry Vienna; Daqing Yang, George Washington University; Dieter Ziegler, University of Bochum; Board Member, Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft, Berlin.