Spring 1997 Lecture Series

Military and Militarism in German Society


The Military as a Theme in German History
March 13, 1997
Gordon A. Craig (Stanford University)

"Total War": Use and Abuse of a Concept
March 20, 1997
Roger Chickering (Georgetown University)

The Militarization of the Social Body in Germany during World War I
April 10, 1997
Elisabeth Domansky (Indiana University at Bloomington)

Unexplored Questions About the German Military During World War II
May 15, 1997
Gerhard L. Weinberg (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Field Marshall and Beggar: The Artist Ernst Barlach in the First World War
May 28, 1997
Peter Paret (Princeton University)

Traumatized Citizenship: How the West Germans Came to Love the Nuclear Bomb, 1949-1964
June 05, 1997
Michael Geyer (University of Chicago)