Fall 1997 Lecture Series

Military and Militarism in German Society


Judging the Past: The Prosecution of GDR Border Guards and Officials
October 02, 1997
Peter E. Quint (University of Maryland)

How Wilhelmine Germans Became Citizens of Weimar: Toward an Alternative Political History of World War I Germany
October 16, 1997
Belinda Davis (Rutgers University)

The Political Philosophy of Nineteenth-Century German Radicalism
October 23, 1997
Peter Wende (GHI London)

Women, Communists, and Abortion in the German Democratic Republic, 1950-1970
November 05, 1997
Donna Harsch (Carnegie-Mellon University)

Two Dictatorships in Germany, 1933-1989: Problems and Possibilities of a Comparison
November 20, 1997
Günther Heydemann (University of Leipzig)

What Can Chancellor Kohl Learn from Bismarck? Monetary and Fiscal Aspects of Unification in Nineteenth-Century Germany
December 11, 1997
Harold James (Princeton University)