Fall 1996 Lecture Series

Turning Points in Twentieth-Century German-American History


Citizens in Uniform: The Politics of West German Rearmament
September 26, 1996
David Clay Large (Montana State University)

Psyche and Swastika: The Göring Institute In and Out of History
October 15, 1996
Geoffrey C. Cocks (Albion College)

The Soviet Occupation Administration in Germany, 1945-1949
October 24, 1 996
Norman M. Naimark (Stanford University)

German Artists between Dictatorship and Democracy, 1918-1990
November 07, 1996
Alan Steinweis (University of Nebraska)

Prussia and Austria, 1780-1848: Episode or Model?
November 21, 1996
Paul W. Schroeder (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The Weimar Analogy: The History and Political Myth of the Weimar Republic
December 05, 1996
Carole Fink (Ohio State University)